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Welcome to the Player’s Choice 1, LLC

Our goal at Player's Choice 1 is to allow the college coaches and recruiters to see every team and every player play at every event. The more we know about your players, the more we can share that information with the college coaches and the recruiters. Being recruited is much more than just going to a Showcase and playing games in front of the college coaches. Just because you pay your money and attend a showcase, does not mean that your players will play at the next level. Getting recruited by the right school requires more than just scoring points. Let us help you, help your players.

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Player's Choice 1 offers you a way to keep your profile up-to-date. By registering with us, you will be able to add a custom player profile to our database that will be attached to any Individual Event you sign-up for. You don't need to sign up for an event to create a profile. Get started now!

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Team Coaches/Club Admins

Our Website is designed to allow you to manage your teams and rosters without even signing up for an event! All your information will be stored and available to you year to year. Once these rosters are in our database, it's a snap to register for Team Showcases. With a few clicks, your team is in, with complete roster details, that will be published in our College Coaches' Evaluation Package for the event. Get started now!

College Coaches

College Coaches are encouraged to create an account with Player's Choice 1. This will allow the purchase of any and all College Coaches' Evaluation Packages at discounted rates. Get started now!